Kylie Rossler to remain cornerstone of Regina offense in 2013

After a stellar 2012 campaign, Kylie Rossler has established herself as one of the premier running backs in LFL Canada. Heading into 2013, the Regina Rage will be counting on her to remain a cornerstone of their offensive attack.

Having come within one win from appearing in the league championship of 2012, the Rage has high hopes that Rossler can lead them to the promised land this season. Statistically, Rossler was one of the most effective weapons on offense in 2012, and any championship hopes will be dependent on her duplicating that success.

Rossler ground out 266 yards to rank second on the Rage, while finishing among the top five rushers in the league. In the squad’s only win against the first place Saskatoon Sirens last season, Rossler was the factor.

She punished the Sirens defense with a superlative performance of 89 yards (in 15 attempts) in a 26-20 final, earning her Player of the Game honors. Her gridiron performance helped to intensify a rivalry with the Sirens that has become one of the finest in women’s sports.

Under the tutelage of Rage quarterback (and LFL legend) Nikki Johnson, Rossler benefitted greatly. She was the perfect complement to Johnson as the two composed one of the most dangerous rushing offenses in the LFL.

Together, the two pounded out 558 combined yards, as the Rage averaged 144 rushing yards per game, tops in the league. Johnson’s presence helped Rossler adjust to the league while refining her running game into one that intimidated opposing defenses.

Having been named a 2012 LFL Canada All-Fantasy selection, she earns the eligibility of being selected to participate in an LFL All-Star Game in Brazil, China, Europe or Japan, respectively. Her presence in any of those competitions would be a great boost to a very proud Regina franchise.

For her tireless contributions to the Rage, Rossler’s great work ethic has earned the respect of fans and teammates alike. Emerging as one of the faces of the franchise, her popularity is only bound to increase in 2013.

With a background in NCAA hockey (having competed with the Robert Morris Colonials and the Mercyhurst Lakers), Rossler understands the dynamics of teamwork and sportsmanship. Having paid her dues at the hockey level for several years, Rossler is now ready to make her mark as one of the dynamic superstars in LFL Canada.