United States racks up 107 points in a Fourth of July blowout against Germany

On the day which celebrates the United States independence, the national women’s team gave their fellow countrymen another reason to celebrate. A 107-point performance paved the way for the United States to advance to the gold medal game of the 2013 IFAF Women’s World Championships.

A 46-point effort in the first quarter was all it needed to put the game out of reach. With a drive that only took 54 seconds, quarterback Sami Grisafe connected with Jeanette Gray for a 31-yard touchdown pass. Of note, the two are teammates with the Chicago Force in the Women’s Football Alliance. Adrienne Smith of the Boston Militia ran in the ball for the two-point conversion.

The German contingent quickly replied with their own touchdown; the first-ever scored against the United States in the history of the event. On the first play of their possession, Joan Osagie shredded the US defense and ran to daylight for a 34-yard touchdown. Linebacker Ann-Katrin Schmitt pulled double duty as kicker for the German team. She would kick it through the uprights for an 8-7 score.

 It would be the closest that Germany would get to the US on the scoreboard. The US retaliated with a drive that lasted one minute and 32 seconds. Brandy Hatcher, one of nine players from the Chicago Force on the US team had a two-yard run to give the US six points.

After Odessa Jenkins got the two-point conversion, Germany quickly faced a nine-point deficit. German quarterback Gabriele Duvinage was unable to generate an offense on their next possession. The first play resulted in a pass that was picked off by Katherine Sowers of the Kansas City Titans. Of note, her sister Elizabeth is also a member of the US team.

Capitalizing on the turnover, Grisafe and Smith connected on a 15-yard pass to add to the US lead. From there, the US would continue to benefit from Sowers presence in the backfield. For the second consecutive possession, Duvinage was intercepted by Sowers.  Unlike the first interception, which was only returned for two yards, Sowers had a 44-yard interception return for a touchdown.

With a 32-7 lead, the United States only needed one play on their next possession to make it 39-7. Grisafe found Force teammate Hatcher as part of a 40-yard touchdown pass. Of note, the play only consumed 12 seconds. As the clock wound down in the first quarter, the US managed one more touchdown as Jenkins had a 26-yard scoring run.

In the second quarter, the United States scored two touchdowns and both were running plays of more than 20 yards each. Jenkins would run for a 25-yard score with 9:33 left in the quarter, while Cassie Brick of the San Diego Surge would get the last touchdown of the half. Her 36-yard run scorched the beleaguered German defense as the US had a 60-7 advantage at halftime.

Jenkins would score the first US touchdown of the third quarter. It would not only mark her third touchdown of the game, but she managed to score at least one touchdown in the first three quarters of the game.

Her 22-yard run was part of a seven-play drive that lasted three minutes and 11 seconds, the longest drive of the day. The score would come off a German interception. With Anjouly Effyerth at quarterback, the 23-year old was intercepted by Sowers, as she had her third pick of the day.

Handling the reins at quarterback for the US was New York Sharks field general Karen Mulligan. The 36-year old completed a two-yard touchdown pass with Nicole Villarino of the Portland Shockwave.

A mere 15 seconds later, Alexis Snyder of the Phoenix Phantoms scored for the US juggernaut. The touchdown came as a result of the US defense recovering the fumble from German running back Johanna Frankenberg. With 70 seconds remaining in the quarter, Ricarda Regler, the third German quarterback of the game, was intercepted by Sowers. She would return the pick 37 yards for her second touchdown of the game.  

Overwhelmed and overmatched, the German defense could not contain the US offense in the fourth quarter. Three different US players would score touchdowns in a time span of only six minutes and 50 seconds. Elizabeth Sowers would join her sister on the scoreboard as she had a 12-yard run with 10:05 remaining in the game.

Brick would score her second touchdown of the game on a 22-yard run. Once again, the US capitalized on a turnover as Sharon Vazquez from the Pittsburgh Passion intercepted Regler. With Angela Larsen making the conversion, the US had now scored 100 points in the contest.

On Germany’s next possession, Sowers had her fifth interception of the game. She picked off Regler at the German’s 47-yard line. With 3:15 remaining, Kimberly Klesse of the Columbus Comets scored the final touchdown of the game on a drive that took only 17 seconds.

Of note, US field goal kicker Angela Larsen converted nine point-after attempts. With her nine points, she outscored the German team. Katherine Sowers earned the game’s Most Valuable Player honors for the United States with five interceptions and two touchdowns. German running back Joan Osagie was given the nod for her team.

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