Boston Militia rolls on as Whitney Zelee earns another 200-yard rushing game

As the 2013 Women’s Football Alliance playoff picture intensifies, a weekend of quarterfinal action results in high scoring affairs. With several undefeated teams still in the chase for the championship, the Boston Militia are looking to stake their claim as the league’s finest franchise.
A grudge match between the Boston Militia and the DC Divas encompassed one of several July 13 conflicts. Earlier in the season, Whitney Zelee ran for over 300 yards against an overwhelmed DC opponent. Looking for redemption, DC took the first lead of the game on a 3-yard score by Kenyetta Grigsby.

Once again, Zelee provided the answer for an undefeated Boston squad not accustomed to trailing in games this season. She would touch the ball on the first play from scrimmage and it was all Boston needed. Zelee would streak into the end zone on a 51-yard touchdown run.

With the momentum quickly shifting in Boston’s favor, Vicky Eddy would pick off DC quarterback Allyson Hamlin. Lining up behind center, Allison Cahill would score on a 10-yard run for the Militia. In addition, she would also run into the end zone for a two-point conversion afterwards.
Facing an eight point deficit, Grigsby put the DC offense on her shoulders. A drive that consumed nine plays would result with Grigsby shredding the Boston defense for the touchdown.

Once again, Cahill would reply for Boston. A drive that only required three plays ended with Cahill running for a seven-yard score. While Boston extended their lead back to eight points, it would not last for long. Facing a pass interference play on the next series of plays, Boston could not answer the Grigsby running attack. She would scamper into the end zone for her third touchdown of the half, as the lead was back to just one point.
Grigsby was not yet finished for the Divas. Having successfully recovered an onside kick, the Divas were back on offense. Employing the same strategy, the Divas handed off the ball to Grigsby, who dashed into the end zone on a 38-yard run.

Before halftime, Boston managed to regain the lead. With the ball on the 31-yard line of DC, Zelee would run to daylight on a 21-yard run as the score was now 29-28 for Boston.

On the first possession of the third quarter, Boston relied on its running game. Complemented by Dorothy Donaldson, Zelee masterfully orchestrated the impressive Boston rushing attack. With the ball on the Divas’ one-yard line, Cahill popped into the end zone as the score was 36-28.

Despite the setback, DC did not panic. Employing their own remarkable running game, Grigsby continued to be the anchor of their offensive attack. Boston continued to struggle in determining how to contain Grigsby. She would continue to punish the defense as she marched into the end zone for her fifth touchdown of the game.

The turning point of the game came on the ensuing kickoff. Boston fumbled the ball and the Divas recovered. Trailing by only two points, the Divas were eager to return on offense and work towards regaining the lead. Much to their dismay, a fumble resulted in Boston regaining the ball. Tiana Liu recovered the fumble in what helped turn the tide in the game.

Zelee would run 45 yards into the end zone, nullifying any attempt at the Divas to get back into the game. With DC trailing by a 44-34 score, the offense played with panic. On their next possession, the club fumbled again as Molly Goodwin recovered the ball for a headstrong Boston squad.
The fumble would prove to be costly as Boston scored another touchdown. With two touchdowns scored off turnovers, Boston had control of the game. A demoralized DC squad was unable to get back into the game.

With 6:50 remaining, Cahill scored again as Boston enjoyed a 24-point lead. She would finish the game with 67 yards, while Zelee had another remarkable showing. She ground out 254 yards, while Tiamfook gained 97 yards. Prevailing by a 58-34 tally, Boston is one step closer towards playing for their third national championship in franchise history.

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