Proud athletic background to be characteristic of second Royal Baby on the way

While the world celebrates the arrival of William and Kate’s newborn baby boy, George Alexander Louis, there is another Royal baby that will soon arrive also. Zara Phillips, a medalist at the 2012 London Summer Games, is the granddaughter of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Currently pregnant, her child will also be part of the House of Windsor’s royal bloodline.

Having won European and World champions in equestrian events, she earned a silver medal in Equestrian at London 2012 – awarded to her by her mother. The London Games marked her first appearance competing in the Summer Games.

Appropriately, the debut for Phillips came on home soil. With cousins William and Harry, along with other Royal Family members, including her mother, grandfather, along with Prince Charles and Camilla cheering her on from the VIP section, it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The competition was held at Greenwich Park, London’s oldest royal park.

Of note, both of her parents were former Summer Games competitors. Her mother Princess Anne participated in the 1976 Montreal Games, while her father, Captain Mark Phillips won medals 16 years apart. He would win gold at the 1972 Munich Games while claiming a silver at the 1988 Seoul Games.
Sitting fifteenth in line to the throne, the 32-year-old is also expecting a child. Married to former English rugby union player Mike Tindall, the 2006 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award Winner is expecting her child in March 2014. Having met Tindall in 2003 when England claimed the Rugby World Cup, the two tied the knot on July 30, 2011.

Her child (which shall be the second cousin to George Alexander Louis) shall be sixteenth in line to the throne. The aforementioned Princess Anne is eleventh in line, while her brother is twelfth, respectively.

While Zara does not hold a royal title herself, there is no denying that the royal bloodline in question (this baby shall mark the fourth great grandchild for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) carries with it great prestige. Although Zara’s child will not grow up in a palace like George Alexander Louis, the birth will be an event that will be newsworthy throughout the British Commonwealth.

The role of mother will add to an already impressive list of endeavors, ranging from serving as Royal Patron to Cancer Research UK to designing equestrian outfits for Musto Outdoor Clothing. While all signs point to a royal baby with a normal upbringing, there is no question that Zara’s plunge into athletics, charitable work and worthy causes makes her more than just a mother, but a great role model.

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