Jennifer McLean’s experience adds new dimension to expansion Calgary Fillies

With the Legends Football League expanding to the city of Calgary for the 2013 season, wide receiver Jennifer McLean is bound to emerge as a leader. With the moniker Fillies, the new expansion team is in need of some experienced players that can set the example for the rest of the players.

McLean fits the bill perfectly as she is no stranger to the gridiron. Donning number four with the Calgary Rage, a women’s tackle football team in the Western Women’s Canadian Football League, her experience will be crucial once the Fillies compete in their inaugural contest.

Image by Candice Ward Photography

Image by Candice Ward Photography

A September 14 tilt with the Regina Rage, coached by former Jacksonville Jaguars player Brent Hawkins, will determine how ready the Fillies are to compete in the LFL. As McLean competed in the WWCFL at the Wide Receiver position, she knows how to evade tacklers, make plays happen and more importantly, take a hit.

Once the LFL announced an expansion team for Calgary (due to logistical problems with the Toronto Triumph), hardcore women’s football fans could not help but wonder if some members of Calgary’s WWCFL team would cross-over. While McLean (joined by Kora-lea Vidal) took the plunge, Tonia Henderson from the rival Edmonton Storm shall also be joining them this season with the Fillies.

Image obtained from Facebook

Image obtained from Facebook

The added benefit of competing in the LFL is that it improves her conditioning, exposes her to more big-game situations and enables her to sharpen her skills. With the LFL playing indoors on a narrower field, McLean will have to be lightning fast with razor sharp reflexes in order to adapt to a faster offense.

Once she returns to the WWCFL in spring 2014, the experience of LFL will benefit because the wider football field shall improve her vision for the game. Perhaps the biggest adjustment for McLean shall be the uniforms.

Image by Candice Ward Photography

Image by Candice Ward Photography

In the WWCFL, McLean wears the full football uniform (complete with the oversized shoulder pads and helmet with full face-mask). While the LFL uniform is much more revealing, she also has the experience and character which will likely expose her as one of the biggest playmakers for the Fillies.

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