Famed designer Vera Wang makes statement with new uniforms for Eagles cheerleaders

One of the most intriguing storylines of the 2013 NFL season in Philadelphia overshadowed the arrival of new head coach Chip Kelly or the drafting of USC quarterback Matt Barkley. While the new era in Eagles football is one that brings with it great promise, the biggest story came from the sidelines. Famed fashion designer Vera Wang made a statement by providing her expertise in creating new uniforms for the highly popular Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders.



The first-ever group of NFL cheerleaders to have their uniform designed by a renowned designer such as Wang, she is expanding on a previous design. Back in 2003, she was first hired by the Eagles to design uniforms. A friend of Eagles owner Jeffrie Lurie, Wang has also designed outfits for figure skaters such as Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan.

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

With a grouping of colors which feature white, black and midnight green, the new uniforms made their debut on September 15 as the Eagles faced the San Diego Chargers in their home opener. Said uniforms are a hit with Christina Weiss Lurie, the Presidnet of the Eagles Youth Partnership and Eagles Social Responsibility.



Of note, Wang was once an athlete herself. A former figure skater, she was featured in Sports Illustrated’s famous Faces in the Crowd section over four decades ago. Renowned as a bridal and wedding dress designer, Wang has certainly acknowledged the athleticism and glamour that comes with being an NFL cheerleader.

The cheerleaders’ signature pieces include crop tops, low-rise skirts and sleek shorts. Along with shrug sweaters, a zip-up track jacket and black sparkle sneakers for when the temperature lowers, the Eagles cheerleaders shall likely remain the most popular in the NFL. Combining function and elegance, Wang scores a touchdown.

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