Former CWHL Draft Pick Melissa Milonow looks to help others reach their fitness and nutrition goals

In looking to find a balance between health and well-being, Melissa Milonow is engaging in a more natural lifestyle and sharing her personal experiences with others through her website. Having been selected by the now-defunct Burlington Barracudas in the 2011 CWHL Draft, she is an elite athlete who has committed herself to an even fitter and healthier life.

Her most recent athletic endeavor involved competing for Greece at the 2013 World Ball Hockey Championships in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In addition to her competition at the rink, Milonow has also taken to becoming more active in the gym while competing in Obstacle Course races.

Determined to help others reach their nutritional goals, Milonow is committed towards a program in becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2014, while earning a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotions within the next three years.

Melissa is currently an Independent Business Owner with Genesis Pure, a fast-growing natural health & wellness company. She has also made lifestyle changes to eliminate toxins in her home by leaning towards essential oils for alternative medicine, holistic approaches, a vegan cosmetic line and eating more organic foods.

The effort to engage in product testing speaks volumes in her efforts towards increasing her knowledge while sharing reliable information. Having suffered an automobile accident earlier in the year, it was remarkable that she had the motivation and drive to volunteer for Hockey Canada during their hosting of the Women’s World Championships.

Suffering from whiplash, back pain and torn muscles in her shoulders and upper back, she had the opportunity to see how technology can still complement a more organic lifestyle. Through her recovery, she used the iMuscle App by 3D4 Medical, as recommended by her massage therapist, to complement her treatments. The app gives you an animated look at individual muscles and how to exercise and stretch them properly for strength and/or recovery.

An easier and more pleasant aspect towards product testing for Milonow involves recipes. In an effort to eat healthier and more organic foods, she has spent countless hours finding recipes online to try in the kitchen. She shares many unique recipes on her site, that she has enjoyed and added her own twist to.

Her recipe for Chocolate Nut Butter Cups is surprising in that the ingredients listed were organic yet still delectable enough to appease anyone’s sweet tooth. Another pleasant surprise was a recipe for Breaded Zucchini Sticks. While it is an alternative to other appetizers that tend to include cheese, the beauty of this recipe was its simplicity.

While Milonow’s entry into the Holistic World comprises a new step, her tendency towards research, community and testing the products themselves speaks to her credibility and willingness to benefit others. A healthier change could benefit anyone in today’s age of information overload and rushed feelings. As one of the titles to her articles states, Being Healthy does not have to be Hard.

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