Megan Ann Wilson emerging as a sparkling spokeswoman for basketball

Based out of Toronto and New York, Megan Ann Wilson is a strong female voice in the world of basketball. While she is a stylist and image consultant that is contributing to the zeitgeist of sports fashion, Wilson is far from just eye candy. Known on Twitter as @SHEGOTGAME, her skills with VIP Styling, Editorial Styling and Wardrobe Design are only part of the package.

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Image obtained from:

Making her mark in the world of sporting style also requires a love of the game. This is where Wilson helps to add credibility to the growing role of women in the traditionally male dominated field of men’s sports. Contributing as the Fashion Editorial Director of basketball lifestyle at DUNK360, her review of Russell Westbrook wearing a sleeveless tunic at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards was honest yet peppered with constructive criticism for a better outcome on the next red carpet event.

She has worked with athletes and broadcasters while working hard to accumulate a strong following. Some of her clients include NBA players Wesley Johnson and Lance Stephenson, multiple World Series champion David Cone and the San Francisco 49ers Tarell Brown, to name a few.

Knowledgeable about the game, her newfound TV fame is resulting in a legion of new devotees. For fans of MTV Canada’s Play with AJ, she is a mainstay on the 30 Seconds of Fame segment of the program. As said segment features a panel of three sports aficionados, it is not uncommon that she will find herself competing against some males who are far from subtle.

Not afraid to dish it out, she brings vivacious humor. One topic of discussion on 30 Seconds of Fame discussed the brazen topic of streaking at a sporting event. When asked what event she would streak at, she had everyone roaring in laughter when she replied, “an eating contest”.
As a three-time champion of the segment, not only does she proudly represent the sisterhood of sports fans, she is also the recipient of the well earned Play with AJ Bobblehead.

During that episode, she remarked articulately about the current reality of basketball in Canada. Hoping it will augment conversation among fans, Wilson remarked about how Canadian basketball phenom Andrew Wiggins is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Complemented by the fact that a Canadian was selected first overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, Wilson brings up a strong point that Wiggins could go first in 2014.

While her colleagues in the United States are intrigued by this boom period in Canadian basketball, it is a sentiment that does not seem to be shared north of the border. Wilson’s points emphasize that we should celebrate our sporting accomplishments.

Similar to Canada’s endearing performance in women’s soccer at the London 2012 Summer Games, this renaissance period in basketball is proving that Canada has a place in the global sporting conversation. Perhaps Wilson’s cheers can make fans believe that a basketball medal at the 2016 Rio Summer Games or Tokyo 2020 is realistic.

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