Get In the Crease with Erin Honto and Heather Josie Moore

While some male sports fans view the presence of women in their domain as on-air personalities merely a nuisance, they never had the opportunity to check out In the Crease Radio with Erin Honto and Heather Josie Moore. Although there is no denying their beauty, they are both remarkable, strong women who bring a studious knowledge of the game to their Tuesday night broadcasts.

Covering both ice and roller hockey, other topics include fitness and wellness, along with the occasional Q&A from devoted fans. Honto is currently based out of New York, where she works as a lingerie model while participating in inline and ice hockey leagues with both men and women. Moore resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and is her son’s biggest fan. She also manages time to handle security duties with Sun Devils athletics from Arizona State University.

Over recent episodes, their guests have covered a wide spectrum of the game. Ranging from an interview Sam Brown from Bring Hockey Back to Jeff Sebs from Bar Down Hockey, there has also been a live feed from a 2013 US Open tennis match where Josh The Drunken Intern from Hockeytube.Net was interviewed.

Committed to providing air time to all facets of hockey, Honto and Moore have interviewed the likes of Eric Kleineck, Co-Founder and CEO of Sauce Hockey, along with Doug Jones, commissioner of Major League Roller Hockey. Former NHL goaltender Randy Exelby was a recent guest, discussing his new role as President of Behind the Mast Hockey. Another fine segment was Sean Whyte conversing about life in the Western Profesional Hockey League.

If there is one guest that would likely make for a hilarious yet insightful broadcast on In the Crease Radio, it would have to be Jeremy Roenick. One of the most famous and recognizable hockey players from the US, Roenick is in-demand for his commentaries on the game.

A female hockey guest that would be very unique for the broadcas is Jaclyn Hawkins. The president of Women’s Hockey Life, her web site includes many features including an online database where players and coaches can connect. She has played professionally in North America and Europe and is currently on the coaching staff of the Connecticut Huskies.

Last autumn, the name Erin Honto may have become familiar for hockey fans. She received significant publicity as one of the competitors for the proposed Bikini Hockey League and their planned New Year’s Day hockey game. Dubbed the bad girl of the BHL, she played boys’ hockey in high school, while also getting into a scrap with Jules Mernaugh, a former roller derby player and mixed martial arts performer, during a taping of a BHL match.

As a side note, a recent brawl in Vermont between the Canadian and American women’s national teams would make for great fodder on the program. Tessa Bonhomme, a member of Canada’s team and broadcaster with Leafs TV could make for great commentary on what happened in Vermont.

With the BHL’s New Year’s game scheduled to take place in Superior Arena in Fraser, Michigan, it would have marked a homecoming for Honto. She carved a remarkable niche as an accomplished junior player in the Detroit area, emerging as part of five state championship teams. Competing at the AAA Girls Hockey for storied hockey programs in Michigan such as Detroit Belle Tire, Little Caesars, and Honeybaked, she would earn an invite to the USA Hockey Festival in Lake Placid, New York.

Known affectionately as “America’s Hockey Mom”, Heather Josie Moore was another of the ladies scheduled to compete in BHL play. A former Phoenix Coyotes ice girl, her son’s involvement in the sport inspired her to participate. While it is hard to believe that she is 40, the youthful looking Moore has also appeared on local television in her native Arizona.

While she is a very talented stick handler, she has also been involved as a hockey humanitarian. Working with Tanners Kids, it helps young children interested in trying the sport with free equipment rentals and trainers at no cost.

Erin Honto (left) and Heather Josie Moore are the stars behind In the Crease radio (Image obtained from Twitter: @InTheCrease2013)

Erin Honto (left) and Heather Josie Moore are the stars behind In the Crease radio (Image obtained from Twitter: @InTheCrease2013)

Although their involvement in the BHL may give the impression that they are eye candy, their knowledge of hockey shines through during their broadcasts. While the BHL remains a work in progress, it is refreshing to see that two of their most notable and likeable personalities finding new life in broadcasting.

Quite possibly hockey’s odd couple, Detroit’s Bad Girl and America’s Favorite Hockey Mom do not hold back on their passion for the game. Despite the fact that the hosts are on opposite ends of the country, they have the ability to make the listener feel as if everyone is in the same room, enjoying the banter and fun atmosphere that encompasses In the Crease radio. While both have faces made for TV rather than radio, fans are glad to enjoy the ride.

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  1. I enjoyed the Randy Whyte interview, although I’m not particularly a fan of hockey.

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