Teenage runner Winter Venecki covers the world to honor her father

At the tender age of nine, Winter Venecki started to compete in Olympic-distance triathlons. The motivation was spurred by the loss of her father to prostate cancer in 2009. In an effort to help generate awareness about the disease, it has brought her to all four corners of the globe.

Her mark on women’s sporting history was made at the age of 14. As the youngest person, male or female, to complete a marathon on all seven continents, she has garnered significant media attention for her athletic efforts. Perhaps more significant was the fact that her mother joined her throughout the journey.

Currently a sophomore in high school, the journey towards immortality began in the summer of 2012. With the participation of her mother, Dawn, the two completed their first race in a 26.2 mile trek in Eugene, Oregon.

It would serve as the launching pad for a global journey that brought both mother and daughter to locations as exotic as Kenya, Peru, New Zealand and Greece, to remote places such as Mongolia and Antarctica.

Having established a nonprofit organization, Team Winter, proceeds of $400,000 have been raised. It is another remarkable example of women challenging themselves and pushing their limits in outstanding efforts to raise funds for causes close to their hearts. In 2012, Ashley Gilbank rollerbladed across Canada for mental health research. One year later, Angella Goran also crossed the Canadian landscape in an effort to raise funds for the environment.

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