Pop culture authority Sam Maggs displays strong knowledge of sports on MTV Canada

In a culture where geek is now chic, it does not stop the sensational Sam Maggs from providing her articulate commentaries on other facets of life. While sports and the athlete would be the antithesis to comic books and role players, Maggs is a lot like a gatekeeper, finding balance in both realms while staying true to her ideals. It is part of a framework which makes her an inspiration for other young women looking to break into media.


A mainstay on MTV Canada’s “Play with AJ” television program, she is one of several bloggers that participates in the highly popular 30 Seconds of Fame segment. Debating the latest ramblings in sports, the topics are an amalgam of humor and nonchalance, while providing the winner with 30 seconds to discuss anything that is on their mind.

While Play with AJ’s primary focus is on sports, it melds the worlds of fashion and popular culture into a unique package that complements Maggs’ well-rounded and diverse views, making her a highly popular commentator for the network. During the Play with AJ 30 Seconds of Fame special (aired in December 2013), Maggs stole the show by commenting Miley Cyrus should take on former Disney stars in a Hunger Games setting.

Maggs (second from right) appearing on the All-Blogger episode of Play W/AJ on MTV Canada (Image obtained from Twitter)

Maggs (second from right) appearing on the All-Blogger episode of Play W/AJ on MTV Canada (Image obtained from Twitter)

In Maggs case, she provides liberation for the closeted geek (or jock) that enjoyed hockey as much as they did sci-fi. As a side note, pro wrestler CM Punk appeared on AMC’s The Talking Dead, a companion program (providing commentary) to their landmark hit, The Walking Dead. Adrienne Smith, a women’s tackle football player for the Boston Militia organized a trip to the White House to discuss the empowerment of women in sport. For Halloween, she was dressed as Wonder Woman.

As women continue to gain a foothold into sports, Maggs is helping to challenge the cultural norm of what a female sports fan should be. Educated at both the University of Western Ontario and Toronto’s Ryerson University, Maggs also contributes as an editor at GeekoSystem. While past decades sadly painted all women in sport with a butch persona, today’s women are trying to reinforce the notion that it is ok to not only be beautiful and feminine while liking sports, but you can also be yourself.

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