Hockey hero Cherie Hendrickson competes in 2014 Boston Marathon

Over the last year, Cherie Hendrickson has experienced a whirlwind of exciting yet highly emotional moments. From winning the 2013 Clarkson Cup with the Boston Blades, to gracing the field at Fenway Park, Hendrickson even travelled to Russia, where she competed for Lokomotiv hockey club with Blades teammate Kelley Steadman.

Throughout this time of remarkable personal milestones, Hendrickson also participated in the 2013 Boston Marathon. One of the darkest chapters in the history of the world renowned city, a malicious bombing tragically injured many of the participants. Having altered the lives of so many, Hendrickson, who was luckily not injured, was part of a proud group of citizens that became Boston Strong.

Such strength was clearly on display at the running of the Marathon in 2014. While most sports fans in New England identify Hendrickson as an ice hockey player, this accomplished athlete was part of a great social and athletic movement in which Boston’s residents showed their spirits could not be broken.

Photo credit: S. Dubuc, Obtained from Facebook

Photo credit: S. Dubuc, Obtained from Facebook

As one of an astounding 36,000 runners that participated, Hendrickson was not only helping to raise funds for DFMC, but she was running in remembrance of those affected by last year’s tragedy. While she experienced dehydration in the hills that comprise part of the Marathon’s course, crossing the finish line was never in doubt.

With the support of family and friends as a great source of inspiration and motivation, Hendrickson’s journey to the finish line was well worth it. Although the finish was somewhat slower than she had anticipated, the effort provided her with tremendous fulfillment. Like so many of her Blades teammates, Hendrickson’s efforts on and off the ice make her a role model for young female athletes in New England.

She would share her feelings of jubilation on social media on a day where everyone truly experienced victory, “Lucky to have been a part of the loudest, biggest and most passionate crowds I’ve seen at the marathon, lucky to call Boston home, honored to run for such an amazing organization, and lucky to have experienced the Boston Marathon again. We finished the race.”

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