Winter Games gold medalist Meghan Agosta aspires for career in law enforcement

Having won three gold medals in women’s ice hockey at the Winter Games, Meghan Agosta has established herself as a living legend in the sport. Like all athletes, eventually the spotlight fades away and the rigors of the real world rear its sometimes ugly head. While Agosta is only 27, she is young enough and certainly talented enough to play in at least another three Winter Games, she already has her sights set on a career after hockey.

A major in criminology at Mercyhurst University, Agosta grew up dreaming of becoming a police officer. Having grown up in the county of Windsor-Essex, she is the second athlete from area with aspirations towards a career in law enforcement. Decathlete Jamie Adjetey-Nelson also has plans to pursue the same career.

In an interview with CBC Windsor, Agosta stated that hockey and policing have similarities. There is no doubt that a prison cell is the real world equivalent to the penalty box. She has already submitted applications to the Ontario Provincial Police, along with the police departments in Hamilton and Vancouver, the city where she earned Most Outstanding Player honors at the 2010 Winter Games. As a side note, the police force was even gracious enough to have Agosta ride with some officers.

Of note, she would not be the only female hockey player to pursue a career in protecting the public. Amy Turek, a former member of the Canadian national team, and Cherie Hendrickson (who ran in the 2013 and 2014 Boston Marathon) both serve as paramedics. Ironically, Hendrickson played against Agosta in the 2013 edition of the Clarkson Cup championship. Amber Bowman, who called Tessa Bonhomme her teammate at Ohio State University is a firefighter for Central York Fire Services (located north of Toronto).

Considering the departments where Agosta has submitted an application, the most adequate setting would be Hamilton. Taking into account that her husband, Marco Marciano, is a goaltender coach with the Hamilton Bulldogs (the American Hockey League affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens), the chance to work and live in the same city would be a refreshing change from the somewhat nomadic life in hockey.

For fans of the Brampton Thunder, seeing Agosta serve among Hamilton’s finest may be a blessing in disguise. From 2011 to 2013, Agosta won two scoring titles with the Montreal Stars. With Hamilton approximately a one-hour commute from Brampton, the opportunity to have Agosta compete with the Thunder, even on a part-time basis would certainly inject new life into a beleaguered franchise.

Regardless of whether Agosta continues to compete at the club level, one reality is that there will be an adjustment period for the fans. The thought of Agosta issuing a speeding ticket to one of her fans would certainly require a sense of humor on both sides. Bearing in mind that a fan could state on social media (or mentioning in a hockey arena) that they were issued a speeding ticket by one of hockey’s living legends would not be surprising. Although Agosta’s standing as a sporting hero and a great example of what young people can achieve would only be enhanced by a career in law enforcement.

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