Sindy Cummings among the shining stars of indoor female football

For any quarterback on this year’s edition of the Las Vegas Sin to assume the role of starting QB was an individual attempting to fill some very big shoes. After the remarkable Nikki Johnson era came to an end in 2013, the red and gold were a franchise without a leader. Yet, for a rookie to follow in her footsteps is nothing short of admirable and impressive. Winning new fans with every gutsy performance, Cummings is also building a strong case as Rookie of the Year.

At only 19 years old, Sindy Cummings already carries herself with the poise of a veteran. Always ready to scramble for extra yardage (she logged her first career rushing touchdown against Green Bay), this rocket-armed beauty is not afraid to take a punishing hit either. Despite being 5’4”, she is a spitfire who plays with the heart of a giant. Her efforts have certainly helped set the tone for a new-look Las Vegas franchise to make a solid run at a postseason berth.

Through the first two games of the 2014 campaign, Cummings is leading her league in passer rating with a sparkling 108.5 mark. Her 141 passing yards rank second among the league’s pivots, trailing Ashley Salerno of the Los Angeles Temptation, who has accumulated 147 yards. Among the top five rated passers, Cummings is the only one to have not yet thrown an interception.

In addition, her strong passing skills have helped transformed Cynthia Schmidt and Markie Henderson into two of the league’s top offensive weapons. Schmidt has stepped up to replace the outgoing Kelley Schroeder as the Sin’s key receiver, while Henderson has replaced Carmen Bourseau. Statistically, Schmidt is tied with LaShaunda Fowler of the Seattle Mist as the league’s leading receiver. Of note, there are two areas where Schmidt is outshining the competition. Her 44.5 yards per game and four touchdown receptions have established her as a favorite target of Cummings.

When not on the field, Cummings is the manager of a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas. Obviously, the organizational and leadership skills required to undertake such a position have translated perfectly in her superlative performance as the Sin’s field general.

Taking into account that the Sin entered this season with the goal of building a new era in franchise history, Cummings is helping to lead the way. Former Los Angeles defensive coordinator Tui Suiaunoa is now installed as the head coach, hoping to bring stability to the position.

Ironically, Suiaunoa’s first game as Sin head coach came against his former club. Considering that Cummings is already drawing comparisons to LA pivot Salerno, a multiple-time league champion, it was a welcome to the big league moment. Despite being bested by a 42-14 tally, Cummings outshone Salerno in the passing game, racking 104 yards through the air, while also winning the battle in time of possession.

After an encouraging 34-24 home victory against the Green Bay Chill, hopes are high that a spot in the postseason is highly possible. Should the Sin run into LA once again in the playoffs, a more experienced Cummings cannot be taken for granted. Bearing in mind that a rookie leading a team to a title in any sport is a rarity, skeptics would be ill-advised to bet against Cummings. Approaching every game with the desire to win, Cummings may prove to not only be a franchise cornerstone, but the catalyst in the transformation of the Las Vegas Sin into a winner.

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