Third season opener of Total Divas welcomes Rosa Mendes

Drama, the obligatory gossip and relationship tensions proved to be the defining feature in the third season opener of Total Divas. Most of it revolved around the newest cast member to the program, Rosa Mendes. Beginning where WrestleMania XXX left off, the newest chapter in the lives of the WWE Divas features the comeback of the aforementioned Mendes. Having returned from a rehab stint, a new physical look complements her emotional recovery. Nattie Niedhart (the first Diva who welcomes back Mendes) quickly notices that Mendes underwent plastic surgery.

Of note, Mendes was not the only diva to show a sexier side. Eva Marie set hearts racing, adorned in black lingerie and white swimwear, engaging in a series of portraits with her husband. Having been invited to the marriage of Brie Bella, she wants to appease her parents with a wedding ceremony, after eloping. The logic behind her sexy photo shoot is to utilize one of them for a Save the Date invitation.

Showing the fellow divas the finished product, several of them are shocked that she would consider using the photos. Employing great bravura, she proceeds by showing said photos to her family. Despite their own shock, her mother and father are ecstatic that she wants to have her own wedding day.

Sadly, Eva Marie’s jubilation would quickly turn to desolation. With her husband refusing to participate in a ceremony in a Catholic church, it is compounded by the sad discovery that her father may be struggling with cancer. Despite such news, her husband refuses to show any empathy and participate in a Catholic ceremony, adding tension to their marriage.

Relationship woes would emerge as a theme in this episode as Nicole Bella faced her own challenges. As tensions over having children with her partner (and multiple WWE champion) John Cena continue to plague their relationship, Nicole undergoes the decision to have her eggs frozen, in the hopes of giving birth at a later time. With the support of her twin sister Brie, whose wisdom and maturity comes across, Nicole begins the first stage of her treatment.

Despite sneaking around to get a blood test with a nurse at her home (while Cena is with an interior decorator is at Cena and Nicole’s home), eventually, Cena discovers some medical supplies. While it was the opening episode’s cliffhanger, it certainly brings into question whether Nicole should consider making a fresh start in order to make her dream of motherhood come true.

Throughout such turmoil, an unlikely working relationship has sprouted. At the request of Mark Carrano, the WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, Nattie has been asked to ensure Rosa Mendes has a smooth transition back to WWE, part of which includes being her roommate on the road. Much to Nattie’s surprise, her first experience on the road was quite the eye opener. Entering a Chicago hotel room, she was surprised to find Mendes in a complete state of undress.

While Mendes stated in the video confessional that she is very comfortable being nude, Nattie did not share such enthusiasm. Although Mendes covered up, such an event clearly establishes them as the new odd couple in the WWE. Taking into account Nattie’s leadership and her reputation as a good worker, she will certainly be engaging in a significant challenge. Mendes certainly has the qualities of a narcissist and her goal of being taken seriously as a wrestler will definitely require the support of Nattie.

Such support was evident in Mendes’ return to the ring as she endured feelings of worthlessness. A pair of Divas was engaging in some backstage gossip about Mendes’ abilities in the ring, stating “Get the popcorn”, a hurtful remark. Wrestling against Nattie in her first match back, it was obvious that there was some ring rust. After the match, Nattie attempted to console Mendes, who could not hold back tears. As Mendes looks to climb back to a position of relevance in the Divas division, her comeback (along with how Nattie can help her) shall certainly be a significant aspect in this new season of Total Divas.

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