Emotions rise to the surface for Mikkelson and Spooner in tenth leg of Amazing Race Canada

After a disappointing third place finish in Montreal, Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson were hoping that the tenth leg of Amazing Race Canada would provide them with their seventh victory. Heading to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the birthplace of Canadian Confederation, there was strong feelings of patriotism.

Such feelings were quickly accompanied by fatigue as the first challenge in the tenth leg of the race would prove to be exhausting. The historic Red Shores Racetrack and Casino would set the backdrop for a unique version of harness racing as one team member would grace blinders, pulling their partner for two tiring laps. Spooner and Mikkelson held the early lead but stopped in order to switch positions. It would allow another team to overtake them and finish first past the finish line.

Proceeding to Confederation House, where a decision was reached to unite Britain’s North American colonies in 1864, leading to the formation of Canada, the historic landmark was the site of the first road block. Titled “Who’s Your Daddy?”, Mikkelson would take the challenge.

Teams had to consult individuals outside the building, dressed in 1860s outfits to obtain the names and defining features (such as facial hair or paraphernalia) of the fathers of Confederation. Once all the names were memorized, contestants went inside to view a historic reenactment in the Confederation Chamber.

Having to identify the individuals representing each delegate represented in Mikkelson engaging in a difficult struggle. While all teams struggled in this road block, it would allow other teams to not only catch up to Mikkelson and Spooner, but to overtake them. Mikkelson’s Achilles Heel was the identification of Charles Tupper.

Unfortunately, she kept calling him Tapper. After one of the costumed individuals outside pointed out her error, she would successfully complete the road block. Upon completion, Spooner and Mikkelson found themselves in last place for the first time in the competition.

Headed towards the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery in New London, Spooner and Mikkelson employed a never say die attitude. As some other competitors were lost along the way, the hockey heroines advanced into third place. Outside the historic house, they found the clue for the Detour: Mussels or Mass. The Mass option involved calculating the total weight of 10 million potatoes. On the other hand, the Mussels choice resulted in stripping 1,800 pounds of mussels off their stalks.

Like the rest of the competitors, Spooner and Mikkelson opted for Mussels. Despite their last place status, they quickly got back into the thick of the race. Outpacing the other competitors, their quickness left the others in awe. Their ability to bounce back was testament to their peak physical condition.

While the brother and sister combination of Sukhi and Jinder finished first, Spooner and Mikkelson were quickly on their trail. Both teams race towards the Pit Stop, which was located at the Farmers’ Bank of Rustico. Along the way, tensions became evident as the hockey heroines were not happy with the behavior of the siblings. Stopping at a gas station for directions, they saw Spooner and Mikkelson’s car approaching. Pointing to the right (in an overstated way), they attempted to confuse them. Not deterred, Spooner and Mikkelson turned left, heading in the right direction.

Both teams would arrive at the Bank of Rustico at the same time as Sukhi and Jinder beat the hockey heroines by mere seconds to win their second consecutive leg in the race. At the Pit Stop, Mikkelson could not hold in her emotions any longer. It was evident that Mikkelson had a look of anger and disappointment on her face, which host Jon Montgomery asked her about.

Venting her frustration, Mikkelson said that the siblings’ trying to point them in the wrong direction was just cheap. Talking about winning the right way, Mikkelson had every right to be upset. The siblings would rebuff by gloating as to how the hockey heroines were mad that they were in second. While it may be no consolation for Spooner and Mikkelson, the siblings would have likely acted that way towards any of the other teams trailing them.

Obviously, winning two consecutive legs has led to feelings of grandeur among the siblings, only intensifying the rivalry. From the very beginning of the race, Spooner and Mikkelson have been targets of jealousy due to their sporting exploits. Having always shown grace and class, even in losing, the hockey heroines will only use this as motivation to continue and be the exemplary competitors that have made them the team to beat and admire.

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