Postgame beer celebration adds to status of Alli Alberts as one of coolest athletes in female sport

As one of the most popular players for the Chicago Bliss, Alli Alberts only added to her legend. In the aftermath of a 49-0 whitewash of the Omaha Heart, she was bestowed the recognition of the game’s Most Valuable Player. Running to the 50-yard line, Alberts cracked open a beer and started chugging.

With a rousing roar of approval from the hometown fans on-hand at Toyota Park, Alberts’ antics made news throughout the round of sports media outlets, while fans went to social media with their approval. A jubilant Alberts thanked her fans via social media for their support.

Donning number 1 with the Bliss, Alberts is certainly on her way to becoming the top-draw in indoor female football. While it would surprise casual fans to know that she is a dentist (her patient list is bound to increase), her girl-next-door looks and winning smile are complemented by a remarkable series of athletic talents that led her to being a Western Conference All-Star selection in 2014.

Along with quarterback Heather “Rockstar” Furr, the two are known on social media as “The Blonde Terminators.” Considering that both are the only members of the Chicago Bliss that play both offense and defense, these iron women are building the momentum towards the Bliss claiming a third consecutive league title.

As a side note, Furr had her own beer experience during a match against the now defunct Green Bay Chill back in July 2014. In celebration of a touchdown, a fan handed her a beer. Sipping it with helmet on, the event would be covered by the New York Daily News. As a side note, Furr also works as a bartender at Murphy’s Bleachers, the Wrigleytown bar.

Meanwhile, Alberts’ jubilation is only adding to the Omaha Heart’s desolation. After suffering a 79-0 blowout loss to the Atlanta Steam, the Heart’s early postseason hopes are quickly being dashed with another trouncing defeat. Taking into account that the Bliss have now moved to the Eastern Conference this season, the thought of playing them two more times is not an appealing thought for the Heart.

While the consumption of alcohol may never be seen on an NFL field, Alberts’ celebratory drink reminded fans that sport is meant to be about enjoyment and celebration. For Canadian sports fans, it brought back memories of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, when Canadian women’s ice hockey players took to the ice after their gold medal win.

Considering how many male athletes have been featured in beer commercials, Alberts definitely is worthy of such consideration. The website made the excellent suggestion that her consumption of beer on the field could make for an interesting marketing idea. As female football fans (and players) are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of the game, Alberts proves that she is more than just a heart throb, but just one of the guys as well.

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