Multi-sport star Lauran Ziegler provides a winning combination as coach

Considering that Lauran Ziegler is more than just an elite football player, such skills have translated into being able to inspire younger female athletes to pursue their sporting ambitions. Prior to first joining the now-defunct Orlando Fantasy in 2011, Ziegler had already been a multi-sport star.

From being a competitive skateboarder, winning events such as the Mountain Dew Free Flow tour, she also excelled on the diamond. Earning a softball scholarship at Brevard Community College, not only did she pursue her education, her blinding speed resulted in being ranked second in the nation in stolen bases, leading to a nod on the All-America team.

Eventually transferring to Florida Gulf Coast University, Ziegler was the recipient of the Scholar Athlete of the Year award. Currently serving on the coaching staff for the softball team at Brevard Community College, it has brought Ziegler’s athletic career full circle.

Although she still manages to balance coaching with a remarkable gridiron career that has seen her contribute to the Atlanta Steam’s run to the football postseason in 2015, a key component to being successful in both aspects is attributed to the Cross Fit fitness program.

Of note, she encourages her softball players to attend three workouts a week at Palm Bay CrossFit. The various disciplines in the fitness program includes more than just weightlifting with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells. Elements such as sprinting, rowing and numerous bodyweight exercises test one’s limits while allowing one measurable goals.

Having participated in CrossFit competitions, Ziegler is a firm believer of its benefits. Looking to provide a message of encouragement and motivation for her softball players and gridiron teammates, she attests to the notion that CrossFit can improve one’s performance, simultaneously achieving full potential mentally, physically and emotionally.

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