Corina Froese captivating as winner of Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100

As the winner of the annual Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100, Corina Froese has attained into celebrity status with her winning smile gracing newsstands nationwide. On the surface, she may give the impression of a sex symbol, but there is also a profound inner beauty that makes her highly admirable.

Among her greatest qualities are the maturity and modest background she possesses, proving that being fit is more than just looking good in a swimsuit. Such a philosophical sensibility was evident in her interview with Inside Fitness when she sympathetically stated that women take on so much in today’s world, understanding the pressures that come with success and expectation.

Taking into account that accomplished women, especially those in the sporting realm, can also be appreciated for their beauty as much as their achievements, Froese successfully maintains both. As today’s generation of young women have a growing number of female role models to look up, Froese is an empowering individual that certainly meets such criteria.


Measuring in at 5’6″, her roots involved dirt biking and snowmobiling. While she still enjoys lounging in jeans and a T-shirt, with the occasional weakness for carbs found in bread and butter and comfort foods such as poutine and chicken burgers. Such a humbling revelation shows that even an accomplished individual such as Froese holds the same cravings and gastronomic temptations that others endure, an empathic situation that anyone could understand.

In addition to being a Canadian Pro Bikini Model with affiliations to the WBFF (earning her Pro Card in 2014), Froese is an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Taking into account that she has engaged in a heroic line of work where she places her own safety at risk in order to preserve it for others, fitness is not the only release for Froese, as she also finds relaxation in painting.

Discovering fitness in 2009 during Primary Care Paramedic schooling, her love of fitness became a significant factor in helping to motivate her to prepare for the RCMP, accomplishing a lifelong dream of being a police officer, becoming part of a healthy balance in her life.

Of note, Froese is not the only female athlete with service in the RCMP. Former women’s hockey player Kristen Marson, a Clarkson Cup champion in 2014 with the Toronto Furies, currently serves as an officer in the region of Nanton, ALberta. Marson, who grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and earned a degree in criminology at Ottawa’s Carleton University is a constable with the RCMP detachment in Nanton, Alberta.

Raised in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Froese is proud of her Prairie Roots. During her nascent years in fitness, Froese found an idol in fellow Prairie girl Samantha Green. Her abilities to excel in competition were a tremendous source of motivation for Froese, as she was pursuing her own dreams in law enforcement. Seeing Green’s success, she wanted to emulate her while also being able to inspire others.

As a side note, Froese may be part of an empowering movement as she is not the only notable fitness model from Saskatchewan. Before relocating to Louisiana where she currently works as a research associate in a university, Ashley Richter competed at Rx Muscle competitions including the 2013 NPC Greater Gulf States and the 2014 NPC Southern Classic. Of note, she held an impressive athletic background, competing with the Vermont Catamounts women’s ice hockey program, along with a promising career as a female tackle football player with the Regina Rage.

Via social media, Froese is establishing a strong network, happily connecting with others and motivating them to pursue their own fitness journeys. Achieving friendship through fitness, she is highly enthusiastic, looking to encourage people to find a way to make it happen. Through it all, the most admirable quality of Froese is her integrity, the ability to truly be real. Such an approach is in place due to her personal foundation of staying true to your own belief system and values. It is part of Froese’s amazing positive image, is something that all can aspire to.

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