New boss Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe covers Strong Magazine

The former of the Inside Fitness Hot 100, Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe takes on a new role as President of Strong Magazine. Gracing the cover of the January/February 2021 edition, the statuesque her resume includes a breadth of backgrounds, including Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Writer, Diet Coach, Contest Prep Specialist, Entrepreneur. With over 21,000 followers on Instagram, and her own YouTube channel, where is she known affectionately as Coach JVB, her dedication to fitness is poised to herald an exciting new era for the popular publication.


Things have not always come easily for Strong Magazine’s January/February cover star (and new president of the brand), Jenny Van Barneveld-Pe. In her exclusive interview, on newsstands this January, she explains just how desperate things got when it came to her relationship with her body, her finances, and a lackluster career.

But for Jenny, eventually, enough was enough. “I wanted to create depth with what I was doing,” she says. So along with her husband, Vince, the two set out to conquer the world and build their fitness empire. “When I aligned my actions with intention, I started to feel successful and that snowballed into optimum health, financial stability, and opportunities to have a real impact,” she shares with STRONG.

Now, this 38-year-old mom-of-two operates multiple businesses, all while holding it down at home. Wondering how she does it all? We did, too, and luckily she let us in on her non-negotiable rules for creating the ultimate balancing act.

Set Firm Boundaries

This business mogul had to learn just how much she wanted on her plate before refusing to accept anything more. “Learning to say ‘no’ was a big step for me, but when I prioritized the top things in my life, I had to learn to cut other things out,” she says. “For me, it’s family and my health first, and then my business. In order to create more time in my day, I’m diligent about creating boundaries by saying ‘no.’”

For example:

– I say no to grocery shopping (or any type of shopping right now). I only shop online, and I’ve saved over 161 hours from grocery shopping alone!

– I say no to scrolling on social media. There’s zero return on investment there.

– I say no to most paid promotional brand offers or collaborations.

“I’m also very strict with business hours and family time hours. I have a hard cut-off time so I can be with my kids,” she says.

Create a Rock-Solid Nighttime Routine

If you think you’re going to roll out of bed at 5 a.m. for your workout without any hesitation or stress, you’ve got another thing coming. That’s why Jenny gets ahead of the game by prepping for success the night before. “After my kids go to sleep, I prep healthy breakfasts for the next day. My go-to is banana chocolate chip protein muffins—my entire family loves them. I also get lunches ready and some healthy snacks ready to go in the fridge. Coffee is ready in the coffee maker, and my workout clothes are laid out. I don’t have to think twice about it.”

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