Lasting reflections in dream run to championship game for gridiron great Lisa Gomes

From the Calgary Rage to the Canadin National Team, the 2010s saw the gridiron odyssey of Lisa Gomes evolve by a quantum leap. Just as relevant in her compelling career involved wearing the paraphernalia of the Detroit Dark Angels. Based in the Womens Football Alliance (WFA), the franchise has consistently improved, emerging as a perennial contender.

As the decade closed with the Dark Angels acheiving the monumental milestone of qualifying for the WFA Division Two National Championship Game, it marked a major milestone for the gregarious Gomes. Along the way to competing in one of the biggest games in American female football, the Dark Angels overcame one of their biggest rivals.

Long suffering as an underdog versus a strong Pittsburgh club, a rivalry germinating over several seasons, the Conference Championship found the two gracing the gridiron. Composing a new chapter in this growing clash of gridiron goddesses, the ability to mount an upset win constituted a defining moment in franchise lore, one which Gomes was proud to be part of, representing one of the biggest highlights of both, season and career,

“Words cannot describe the feeling of that game. I still cannot believe to this day that we won in overtime! We were always the underdog so it felt nice to shock the world. 100% the last Pittsburgh game (was a favorite moment)! We have lost to them about seven times, 350 points to maybe 30 points total. So, when we finally beat them, it was something special! I have never felt a feeling like that before. We had worked so hard this season, I was so proud of my team.”

Opposing St. Louis in the National Championship, Gomes reflects on a flood of emotion. Heading into kickoff, combining nervous energy with the feeling of attainment, there was a strong sense that the Dark Angels were a team of destiny.

“First off, I was excited and nauseous all at the same time! But I was definitely one of The Quiet Ones in the locker room. I still could not believe we made it that far! When you have so much passion for something, the butterflies always rush in before kick off.”

Emerging on the opposite end of a hard-fought loss, there were no feelings of failure or despair. Instead, the journey made represented a positive learning experience. Proud in able to reach the National Championship, Gomes recognized how despite the silence in the locker room afterwards, there was no sense of sadness.

“Honestly it was such an incredible experience despite the outcome. The locker room is always quiet after a loss but we stayed positive and accepted Our Fate. I would not have changed anything for the world!”

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”

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