Elite Eight clash between UConn and Baylor holds championship game drama

Source: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ncaa-womens-tournament-controversial-ending-sends-uconn-to-13th-straight-final-four-after-defeating-baylor/

College basketball fans were in for a treat on Monday night, with a women’s NCAA Tournament game between UConn and Baylor that felt more like a championship matchup than an Elite Eight showdown. The game went down to the wire, but No. 1 UConn did what they seem to always do and punched a ticket to the Final Four, their 13th straight, with a 69-67 win.

Many crucial close games come with a bit of controversy and we got some opposing views from many on the ending of the close battle. On Baylor’s last position, people were calling for a foul on UConn, but nothing was called.

People pointed to a shot by Dijonai Carrington, saying she was clearly fouled.

NBA star LeBron James weighed in on the debate, saying, “Cmon man!!! That was a FOUL!!”

Carrington hit four free throws in a row, putting Baylor down 68-67 with just 20 seconds to go. Christyn Williams was fouled and had the chance to hit two free throws, but missed them both, giving Baylor the chance to win.

Olivia Nelson-Ododa and Aaliyah Edwards were in the face of Carrington to stop her from making a game-winning shot for Baylor, the play that ended up leading to debate.

Before the controversial ending, both teams were putting in serious work, with UConn going on a 19-0 run at one point in the game and came back from a 10-point deficit.

Huskies’ Paige Bueckers ended the game with an impressive 28 points to lead the way for her team, getting help from Williams who recorded 21 points.

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