Poker player Anna Khait played to win on Survivor

Making her mark as a female professional poker player, an appearance on Survivor Kaoh Rong should have brought with it better results for an ambitious and energetic Anna Khait. Instead, the 26-year-old (originally from St. Petersburg, Russia) saw her status as one of the favorites evaporate as the odds were no longer in her favor. Calling Brigantine Beach, New Jersey her home, the member of the Beauty tribe saw her chances to continue and thrive take an unforeseen turn for the worst as a swap contributed to her ousting.

Voted out of the Gondol tribe on Day 14, her arrival in the new tribe saw her at odds with former Beauty-tribe member Tai Trang. Throughout the first four episodes, rantings online had some favoring her to emerge as the eventual winner. As the game of Survivor is one filled with elements of the unpredictable, host Jeff Probst announcing “Drop your buffs” brought a new dimension.

No longer able to rely on her all-girls alliance, Khait faced very difficult odds of surviving in her new tribe. Despite her best efforts at trying to survive the immunity challenge, the game took an even more ironic twist as the ousted player would be replaced by Julia Sokolowski. Of note, Sokolowski had been sent to exile island for three days. Had Khait won immunity and Sokolowski replaced another player, the reality is that Khait would have been able to build a new alliance.

With an alluring sex appeal which is without dispute, Khait felt that she was most like infamous (and perhaps strategically manipulative) contestant Parvati, able to display charm and reveal an innocent side while seducing the male competitors. Having declared on the official site of Survivor that she felt she could survive the game because she is not lazy and has the physical capability along with tons of energy, while helping procure food for the tribe, there was also a heartwarming side to her.

Despite a heartbreaking finish to her run on Survivor, the chance to compete was the culmination of a dream come true for Khait. Such a run is still poised to propel her into celebrity status on the poker tour. Currently a correspondent on Poker Tube, she has already captured the imagination of poker aficionados as she was dubbed one of the “Iron Princesses of Poker” by the World Poker Tour. Having enjoyed five career cashes, she competed in her first World Series of Poker Main Events in 2014.