Former softball player turned IFBB pro Felicia Romero cover girl for Oxygen Magazine

Having once played softball for the Arizona State Sun Devils program, Felicia Romero has found new life as an IFBB Figure Pro. As the cover model for the November 2013 edition of Oxygen Magazine, it is a sign of validation after a remarkable athletic career.

At her first-ever national contest, the 2006 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas, she earned top honors and a pro card. Having competed in local NPC shows since 2004, the guidance of nutritionist Kim Oddo was essential in her national triumph. She went from five meals a day to seven and by 2007, she placed third at the California Pro Figure and won the Jan Tana Classic.

As a high schooler, Romero was proficient at softball, track and volleyball. Playing right field at ASU, the same school that produced Major League superstars such as Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando and Barry Bonds, the highlight of her softball career may have come prior to the 2004 Athens Summer Games.

Entering her freshman season with ASU (2000-01), the Sun Devils were ranked sixth in the NCAA. The squad had the opportunity to help train the Greek national women’s softball team. As the host country for the 2004 Games, the Greek squad required training on the fundamentals of the game and Romero had the honor of assisting in the sessions.

It was during her tenure at ASU that she started lifting weights. With the support of her boyfriend James Adams, the two opened a studio together and she became a certified fitness trainer. Her motivation to start competing in 2004 came at the glance of a poster for a fitness competition in her gym.

A novice at the sport, she emulated the style of models in numerous fitness magazines in order to learn how to pose. Since then, three consecutive Top Five finishes at the Arnold Figure Invitational (named after that Arnold) is testament to her ability to thrive as the competition continues to get only more fierce.

Of note, she also contributed a blog to Gaspari Nutrition. Her blogs were a source of inspiration, promoting self-esteem. One of her most emotional pieces was her experience at an event in Dallas where she was retaining water and despite winning, she felt it affected her appearance. The theme of her pieces are about reaching your unfulfilled potential and controlling what happens to you. Tapping into that philosophy, it has helped Romero become one of the premier figure models in the US.