Jillian Michaels reflects on 40th birthday as she graces cover of Shape Magazine

Proudly displaying her amazing physique on the cover of Shape Magazine for the fifth time, Jillian Michaels does so with a philosophical approach. Having recently turned 40, it was a life changing event in the life of one of the most famous trainers in the world.

Facing the reality that the sands of time may begin to shift in another direction, it was a time to take personal inventory. Blessed with a great partner and two children, Michaels certainly has a lot to be thankful for as a new stage in her life begins. Concerning her children, she mentions to Shape that picking them up is also a form of exercise.

Having become a household name through her contributions on the popular television program The Biggest Loser, her life has changed dramatically. Recently, she went throughout North America on the Maximize Your Life Tour and is also working on a fitness line with American retailer Kmart. Stating in the periodical that she is in better shape now than she was in her 20s, boxing, yoga and pull-ups are part of the regiment that she undertakes.

A series of tasteful yet revealing photographs are testament to Michaels’ remarkable condition. Clearly displaying Michaels in a complete state of undress, a flawless appearance is a subject of awe and admiration rather than lustful. Leaving enough to the imagination, it is clear that the best example of Michaels’ commitment to fitness is the appearance of her body.

Various angles show her bare back, perfect abs, which she credits to side, extended and imbalanced planks, along with remarkable arms (which cover her chest) in which her body serves as the canvas to a remarkable work of power and grace. To be able to appear in such photos is nothing short of empowering for Michaels. She believes that good physical condition is important for women as being physically powerful can transcend into every part of one’s life.

Ironically, even Michaels has some slight body issues. One area where she feels such frustration is with her posterior. In sharing her story with Shape, she states that she feel all her weight is carried in the lower body. Regardless of how many squats or lunges that she will attempt, she believes that her bottom simply carries extra weight.

Despite such sentiment, one area that is a point of pride for her is her back. She proudly declares that having a strong back has metaphorical meaning. As a celebrity, a life coach and a role model, she possesses the maturity to know that she needs to set a positive example and provide support for others. Stating that she can carry a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, fans can only hope that there will be 40 more great years to come.