Jana Webb optimizes body and mind as she revolutionizes fitness with Joga

Having been raised on a farm in Western Canada, Jana Webb may seem like the unlikeliest choice to revolutionize the fitness world. Coming from humble beginnings, Webb is a remarkable success story. Understanding the business values of goal setting, networking and persistence along with sporting philosophies such as discipline, teamwork and determination, she would incorporate all these attributes into helping people become their best selves.

Photo credit: Reem Photography, Obtained from: http://www.reemphotography.com/2012/07/04/a-day-with-jana-webb/

Photo credit: Reem Photography, Obtained from: http://www.reemphotography.com/2012/07/04/a-day-with-jana-webb/

As a child, she would watch as her older sister stood in front of the television performing the exercises seen on various workout programs. Emulating her older sister, Webb would also participate in the numerous routines.

While her youth would be surrounded by a love and participation of sport, including membership in the 4H Club, the real world would rear its ugly head when an automobile accident sidelined Webb. Employing yoga as a method for the rehabilitation of a shoulder injury, it would become a life-changing event. Having traveled across the world to Japan for teacher training, she would return to North America with a fresh perspective.

Introducing Joga, Webb would revolutionize fitness by employing the concept of yoga tailored specifically to athletes. While her methods accentuated the features of yoga such as flexibility and strength-training, breath work and relaxation techniques redefined the package. Said package would help bring a new approach to athletes dealing with strenuous and extreme conditions in their respective sports.

While Joga provides athletes with the physical and mental edge to become elite competitors, the mechanics of the exercise provides the participant with more strength while working within their limits. Working on the premise that every body is unique, every movement also works on that premise, educating the body on how to move intelligently with purpose.

Of note, yoga has always been seen as more of a feminine exercise. Through her acumen, Webb is breaking barriers and redefining the cultural norm of what exercises are suitable for men. More than a decade ago, Tennessee Titans football player Eddie George shocked fans by disclosing that he used yoga as a means of preventing injuries. While her first programs were designed with golfers and runners in mind, many athletes in the NHL have embraced her concepts.

Although there is no denying that Webb is beautiful, she is of the firm belief that aesthetics is the wrong motivation for wanting to begin an exercise. Motivated by the need to feel better, stronger and more energized, her philosophy is one of an individual obtaining more clarity.

For Webb, the ability to handle life comes from being able to properly take care of one’s self first. Such ability is testament to her ability of tackling two other remarkable roles in her life. From motherhood to public speaking, her life story and the motivation to bring about positive change exemplifies the achievement of women becoming more empowered. With Joga as an amalgam of unique postures, which complements strength and flexibility, along with breath control and relaxation tools, she is helping to redefine self-improvement.