Marilyn Korzekwa touches all three provinces in remarkable swim of Northumberland Strait

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, fifty-eight-year-old Marilyn Korzekwa managed to swim across the Northumberland Strait and back again. In accomplishing this, she managed to touch all three Maritime provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Her accomplishments are reminiscent of another successful middle-aged female swimmer, Diana Nyad, who swam from Cuba to Florida.

The 47-kilometre swim lasted 17 hours, beginning off the Amherst Shore of Nova Scotia. Swimming towards Prince Edward Island, the famous Confederation Bridge would present her with turbulence. Compounding such woes was the fact that water temperatures in Baie Verte were warm. Taking into account that jellyfish reside in warmer waters, the result was being stung over 50 times in her face, legs and arms.

Accompanied by a kayak and a boat, five crew members spent a week helping her to prepare for this odyssey. Enduring high winds, along with an overnight rainstorm and waves over a meter high in numerous directions, Korzekwa felt the urge to quit on more than one occasion. Yet, she refused as a way to inspire the patients of her psychiatry practice.

Of note, she reached New Brunswick near noon the following day although it was a challenging journey. Near Cape Tormentine, she endured lower than expected water temperature, resulting in close to frigid conditions. Swimming with an injured shoulder, it was testament to her toughness.

Although she trained for a 24-hour long swim, the conditions would not permit her to attempt a double-crossing of the Northumberland Strait. Next year, she plans to cross the Cook Strait in New Zealand, which would add to an impressive list of bodies of water that she has crossed. Other bodies of water on such a glorious list include Key West, Lake Ontario, plus the Triple Crown, consisting of the English Channel, the Catalina Strait, along with the Strait of San Pedro and Manhattan Island.