Franchise foundations part of inaugural UWLX Draft class

As the UWLX nears closer to its opening day, the 2016 UWLX Draft brought with it a sense of anticipation for its growing fan base, eager to see which of the game’s brightest stars would be landing.

The first round consisted of a phenomenal class as the Boston Storm selected goaltender Liz Hogan. It was a trend that continued as the Long Island Sound obtained legendary goaltender Devon Wills with their first pick. The first female player to sign a contract in the men’s National Lacrosse League, Wills, who also starred with Dartmouth and Team USA is poised to become a star attraction in the incipient league.

Midfielder Katie Schwarzmann would become the first-ever draft pick in Baltimore Ride history, while attacker Michelle Tumolo shall be expected to be a significant part of the offensive attack for the Philly Force. Taking into account their geographic proximity, the Baltimore-Philadelphia rivalry should be among the finest in UWLX, with Schwarzmann and Tumolo headlining many epic contests.

Complete list of picks by team:

Boston Storm
1: Liz Hogan, Goalie
2: Jenn Russell, Defender
3: Sarah Bullard, Midfielder
4: Kara Cannizzaro, Midfielder
5: Erin Slifer, Midfielder
6: Holly Reilly, Defender
7: Danielle Etrasco, Attacker
8: Kailah Kempney, Attacker
9: Kristin Igoe, Midfielder
10: Colleen Magarity, Midfielder

Baltimore Ride
1: Katie Schwarzmann, Midfielder
2: Alex Aust, Attacker
3: Kristen Carr, Defender
4: Brooke Griffin, Attacker
5: Allyson Carey, Midfielder
6: Morgan Stephens, Defender
7: Courtney Swan, Attacker
8: Dana Dobbie, Attacker
9: Beth Glaros, Midfielder
10: Sam Farrell, Defender

Long Island Sound
1: Devon Wills, Goalie
2: Alyssa Leonard, Attacker
3: Shannon Gilroy, Midfielder (Florida)
4: Becca Block, Defender (Syracuse)
5: Megan Douty, Defender (Maryland)
6: Sloane Serpe, Defender (North Carolina)
7: Nora Barry, Midfielder (Florida)
8: Katrina Dowd, Attacker (Northwestern)
9: Katie Rowan, Attacker (Syracuse)
10: Kelly McPartland, Midfielder (Maryland)

Philly Force
1: Michelle Tumolo, Attacker
2: Alyssa Murray, Attacker
3: Kara Mupo, Attacker
4: Bridget Bianco, Goalie
5: Becky Lynch, Attacker
6: Casey Pepperman, Defender
7: Demmianne Cook, Midfielder
8: Katie Hertsch, Defender
9: Emily Garrity, Midfielder
10: Samantha Cermack, Midfielder