Sierra Scott Steinback is a fit girl that inspires

As the first Saturday in May 2014 represented her first competition in the United States, Sierra Scott Steinback proved to be a rookie sensation. At the Big Sky Championships held in Montana, she earned a pair of top-three finishes.

Of note, she would grab second in the Figure Class competition (her first-ever) while nabbing first in the Bikini Class. Emerging as one of the rising stars among Canadian fitness models, the native of Calgary, Alberta excelled in her moment of truth.

Steinback’s sojourn into figure competitions represented the personal and physical challenges of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Having begun training in the spring of 2013, her first competition provided her with the motivation to work harder and set goals.

The first step can be traced back to 2010 when Steinback made the decision to travel the world over in order to become better acquainted with yoga. Currently, a spin motivator at YYC Cycle Spin, she has praised the advantages of how cycle has helped sculpt her appearance.

Proving hard work pays off; it has also gained the attention of Complete Nutrition-Kalispell, now onboard as a sponsor. Having enjoyed a lifelong love of sport and physical activity (she also dabbled in tackle football), perhaps the greatest reward from her training involves how a healthy body also contributes to a healthy mind and spirit.

Also employing social media as a way of sharing her journey, she is also hoping to motivate. Many of the hash tags and motivational quotes that she has posted can certainly help those in need of a lift to gain a fresh perspective. A personal favorite includes: If you want something you have never had, then you had got to do something you have never done.

While she hopes to continue to reap the rewards of positive change and life a more enriching life, she is certainly a role model for friends and family. Considering the remarkable life changing transformation and the inspiration that she has provided, Steinback is certainly a winner.