World’s most famous hockey mom part of CWHL leadership for 2013-14

Growing up, the Canadian media that covered Sidney Crosby’s rise to glory would occasionally mention his father Troy, a former draft pick of the Montreal Canadiens. Equally important in Sid the Kid’s life is the influence of his mother Trina.
Home of Sidney Crosby
While she may be the world’s most famous hockey mom, she is also a women’s hockey advocate and a proud supporter of her daughter, Taylor, a goaltender at Shattuck St. Mary’s in Faribault, Minnesota. Of note, Sidney also attended Shattuck in his teens.

Along with Toronto lawyer Jill McCutcheon, Trina Crosby was named a community member that will sit on the CWHL’s Board of Directors for the 2013-14 season. Other well-known hockey women on the Board include Cassie Campbell, Cheryl Pounder, Caitlin Cahow and Fran Ryder.

For Trina, this is a tremendous step in her role as a builder in women’s hockey. A few years ago, her biggest problem was Sidney trying to shave before the 2005 NHL Draft. While she has been an integral part of his journey in hockey, she is now ready to carve her own path and build her own legacy.

Also a member of the Sidney Crosby Foundation, Trina has established herself as a civic leader and charitable person. One of her other great accomplishments was assisting in saving the Saint Mary’s Huskies women’s hockey program. With women’s hockey becoming one of the fastest growing sports in Atlantic Canada, it is fitting to see a significant voice from the region helping give the sport a leg up.