Wrestling Hall of Famer Trish Stratus part of 2014 Topps release

One of the most accomplished WWE Divas inside and outside of the squared circle, seven-time Trish Stratus is one of the key wrestlers featured in Topps newest wrestling card release, The 2014 WWE Road to WrestleMania. Voted as the Diva of the Decade on Monday Night Raw’s 15th Anniversary Program, Stratus is featured in her own 8-card insert set titled the Queen of WrestleMania.

The odds of finding such cards are 1:12 packs (two per box). Of note, she actually wrote her own copy on the card backs. Other wrestlers that have their own insert card set include the late Jim Hellwig (otherwise known as the Ultiwate Warrior) and the Undertaker. As a side note, the 110 base-card set, which possesses a design similar to the 2013 Topps release titled Best of WWE does not feature Stratus (all of her cards are randomly inserted).

Her first WrestleMania appearance came at WrestleMania 2000 in Anaheim, California. At that time, she was a ring valet for a tag team known as T&A (wrestlers Test and Albert comprised said team). The involvement in that event is featured on the first card of her 8-card insert set.

In terms of singles competition, it was not until WrestleMania X8 in 2002 did Stratus make her in-ring debut. Held in her hometown of Toronto, Stratus wore trunks that bore the Canadian flag. Despite losing the triple threat match for the Divas title, she was certainly one of the most popular performers that night. The following year, Stratus would finally earn a win in WrestleMania. Competing at Safeco Field in Seattle, she would defeat Victoria and Jazz in a triple threat match for the Divas title.

Three other WrestleMania appearances would follow in her career. In 2005, she beat Christy Hemme at WrestleMania XXI but would suffer a loss to Mickie James at the 22nd edition of WrestleMania the following year. Although Stratus would retire in 2006, she made one more WrestleMania appearance. Held in Atlanta, WrestleMania XXVII featured Stratus in a mixed tag team match. Teaming up with John Morrison and reality TV star Snooki, the trio would defeat the team of Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool.

While she first earned the trading card treatment in 2001, as Fleer issued a WWE Divas set, the 2014 Road to WrestleMania offering may be the most extensive offering of Stratus cards. Several relic and autographed cards comprise even rarer issues by Topps which feature her image. There are two different relic cards that feature swatches from pants she has supplied. One relic card features a green swatch, while the other is purple.

Another unique collectible includes an offering that consist of a piece of the actual mat used at WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans. Of note, Stratus is one of 16 WWE legends to have signed some of those soon-to-be highly desirable collectibles.

Despite not competing at the event, it still held an emotional component for Stratus. During the week-long festivities at WrestleMania XXIX, Stratus became the youngest individual (at 37 years of age) to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The induction is commemorated on the eight card of her insert set. She would hold the honor of inducting former rival Lita into the Hall prior to WrestleMania XXX.

In addition, she is featured on a dual autographed card with the immortal Hulk Hogan, who was the host of WrestleMania XXX. It marks the first time that the legendary champions (and WWE Hall of Fame members) have been featured on a card together. As a side note, she is also featured on a dual autograph card with WWE Diva Eve.