Allyssa Beird astonishing with peerless performances on American Ninja Warrior

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Incorporating elements of athletic grace, peak performance and gripping drama, American Ninja Warrior (ANW) is more than just a television phenomenon. A captivating forum that has captured the imagination of its viewers, whether they are sports fans or not, the motivation behind these tremendously well-conditioned athletes has found cross-over appeal.

The emergence of its competitors as heroes of popular culture is a fascinating by-product of the show’s popularity, one worthy of awe and admiration. Among such lauded participants is Allyssa Beird, whose status as a role model and accomplished participant on ANW has resulted in a growing fan following on social media.

Considering that Beird balanced her demanding training regimen with an admirable yet important occupation as an educator, she is the embodiment of commitment and perseverance. Having quickly become one of the most popular participants on ANW, Beird is doing more than helping give the female competitors a well-deserved place in the conversation of the most popular competitors,

Accentuated by the proud supporters on-hand during events, sporting their trendy T-shirts featuring “got beird?” emblazoned on the front, Beird’s fans watch expectantly as she tackles the demanding obstacle courses with leonine grace, fearlessly excelling under pressure with strategic precision. Relentlessly focused, Beird first appeared on ANW during the 2016 season. With the chance to return in 2017, there was no sophomore slump, as she has ascended to the top of the women’s division.

“Entering into the 2017 season was definitely different than the 2016 season. I used the 2016 season as a way to feel out what this whole experience was all about. I didn’t really have goals set, I didn’t really know what to expect.

So coming back from Vegas in 2016, I started formulating goals and identifying some of my weaknesses and what I needed to work on. I became more focused on whole-body training, as opposed to strict obstacle training, as I’d done for season 8.

I created solid goals (Jesse Labreck and I texted each other in March and April of 2017 and said we were going to Vegas together and hitting buzzers together!), and planned my workouts to accomplish these goals. I felt more confident approaching the starting block in season 9, and doubted myself less. It was great!

That is the same mindset I have going into season 10, now. I know what I need to work on even more than season 9, and I have some solid plans to get there!”

In the aftermath of the recent season of ANW, the popular Beird enjoyed the privilege of appearing on The Ellen Show. While it added to another dimension to her stature as a sporting icon, equally testament to her own popularity, it also signifies a transformation into celebrity status.

Reflecting on the opportunity to grace the set and sit in the chair opposite host Ellen DeGeneres, the efforts involved in the trek from New England to Hollywood was a reflection of the dedication and sacrifice that makes Beird such a role model.

“It was a crazy whirlwind day on the Ellen Show! Because of the nature of my job (teaching 5th grade), I have a VERY limited amount of time I can take off work (3 paid days per school year). I told the Ellen Show I could take 1 day, so I took a late night flight out on Monday night, we filmed Tuesday night, and then I took a redeye flight home Tuesday night and drove right to work Wednesday morning.

The whole experience sort of felt surreal in the moment, but I made sure to make the most of it while I was there! I was far more nervous walking out onto the set with Ellen than I’ve ever been in the ninja world; it definitely felt more like a celebrity moment than anything else has thus far, and it was great getting to talk with Ellen about the show and my motivation and inspiration for doing what I do. She’s just as amazing and kindhearted as everyone says!”

Balancing obligations as an educator, Beird is certainly humble on her newfound fame. Considering that celebrity emanates from the word celebrate, the chance to appear on one of daytime TV’s most esteemed shows was definitely an opportunity to celebrate Beird’s character and likeability, undoubtedly attributed to a series of uplifting performances on ANW.

Perhaps the most uplifting performance involved the fact that Beird made history by completing Stage 1 at the National Finals in Las Vegas this season, following up on the impression she made when she completed the Cleveland qualifier. Taking into account that it was also mention on ESPN’s website, adding to the crescendo of media interest, such coverage was indicative of the high regard held for these tremendous athletes.

While Beird has enjoyed the novelty of being able to watch footage of the race, it is a point of pride, standing as one of the hallmarks in her treasured time as a competitor on ANW. Considering that the completion of Stage 1 in Las Vegas was a key goal for Beird, the chance to reflect on the achievement attained is one that still holds significant emotion,

“Honestly, as it was happening, I expected it to feel more overwhelming! I was sort of waiting to cry out of pure excitement and accomplishment, but it felt, just…normal. It felt like it was what was supposed to happen. I had stated in my season 9 application video that I had “my sights set on Vegas, stage 1”, and that’s what I expected to accomplish, and I did it!

Looking back on it and watching the video of my stage 1 run now, I do actually get a little teared up. It seems now, a few months separated from that moment, a more overwhelming experience.

I guess it’s gotten more exciting with the passing of time, now that I’ve had the time to reflect on it! I got to sit down with the writer of the ESPNW article, Katie Barnes, and it was great getting to chat about the whole experience with her. I love the quotes she chose to use from our conversation…they’re so me ;)”

Perhaps the most compelling element of American Ninja Warrior is its authenticity. The viewer quickly sees how there is a tremendous sense of mutual respect among all the participants, subsequently creating a strong support network among them, simultaneously forming a tremendous culture of true teamwork. In addition to Beird, some of the other wondrous women competing on ANW include Jessie Graff, Jesse Labreck, Kacy Catanzaro and Barclay Stockett, among others.

With such a culture in place, the result is on-screen magic. One where the viewer can quickly feel a collective sense of victory among its participants, realizing the fact that anyone who can reach such a demanding level of enduring competition is a very disciplined and dedicated athlete, reshaping their expectations.

That kind of appreciation for ANW is one that is reciprocated. Competitors like Beird are not only shepherding this unique sport, their continuous successes help to define it, evincing an era where hard work and sportsmanship are part of a collaborative appreciation.

“There is always a bit of TV magic that occurs when the show gets aired. The run order may be aired differently than it actually happened, pieces of interviews are shown at different points, we’re fed some lines in interviews, etc. However, the one thing that you will never have to think twice about is the warmth and support of the ninja community.

Everything you see there is 100% genuine. We all want the best for our ninja family, and they want the best for us. We are not competing against one another, but against ourselves and the course.

We get so incredibly excited for each other’s successes and accomplishments. We each spend anywhere from 1-6ish minutes on the course. If all goes well, we get on at least 3 courses, with the goal of 6 courses to ultimate victory. All that time on the course adds up to fewer than 20 minutes.

However, we film ALL night each time, so we spend hours and hours with each other. We form such a close-knit community and family during this time because of how much time we spend together, which makes any nerves dissipate pretty quickly!

It feels like a very comfortable, warm, supportive environment. If you choose to step into a ninja gym and give it a shot, you will immediately be accepted into this family, too. It’s the best!”

The feeling of family is one that has extended into other elements of Beird’s endeavors. As an educator in Middleborough, Massachusetts, her students have taken on the role of an extended family. For these awed students, Beird’s efforts are a vessel, pouring their emotions into her athletic exploits, giving them a sense of what can be accomplished with desire. With Beird’s body of work a signifier for the values of hard-work, it is evidence of her vitality, also making her a subject of praise among the parents.

“I had a few parent-teacher conferences this year that started with “I just want to say congratulations on all of your ninja stuff! And the Ellen Show! That is so cool.” It definitely is a bit of an ice breaker, and I’ve been able to bring in some of the mindsets of the ninja world into my classroom (perseverance, the importance of failure, goal-setting, etc.).

I even created a buzzer where students can celebrate their “buzzer moment” when they reach a goal they’ve been working toward. A lot of parents have commented on this and how much they love it! I also have students who ask me to play around on the monkey bars with them at recess, and ask me to show them my ninja skills.

They love feeling a different sort of connection with a teacher, and I think it’s very beneficial in creating a family environment in the classroom, too! I do this cool thing that not many other teachers do, so it forms this sort of bond from day one and a talking-point that we use throughout the year. It’s a great merging of the two biggest parts of my life, and it’s cool to see that I can inspire others beyond just academics!”

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”

Corina Froese captivating as winner of Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100

As the winner of the annual Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100, Corina Froese has attained into celebrity status with her winning smile gracing newsstands nationwide. On the surface, she may give the impression of a sex symbol, but there is also a profound inner beauty that makes her highly admirable.

Among her greatest qualities are the maturity and modest background she possesses, proving that being fit is more than just looking good in a swimsuit. Such a philosophical sensibility was evident in her interview with Inside Fitness when she sympathetically stated that women take on so much in today’s world, understanding the pressures that come with success and expectation.

Taking into account that accomplished women, especially those in the sporting realm, can also be appreciated for their beauty as much as their achievements, Froese successfully maintains both. As today’s generation of young women have a growing number of female role models to look up, Froese is an empowering individual that certainly meets such criteria.


Measuring in at 5’6″, her roots involved dirt biking and snowmobiling. While she still enjoys lounging in jeans and a T-shirt, with the occasional weakness for carbs found in bread and butter and comfort foods such as poutine and chicken burgers. Such a humbling revelation shows that even an accomplished individual such as Froese holds the same cravings and gastronomic temptations that others endure, an empathic situation that anyone could understand.

In addition to being a Canadian Pro Bikini Model with affiliations to the WBFF (earning her Pro Card in 2014), Froese is an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Taking into account that she has engaged in a heroic line of work where she places her own safety at risk in order to preserve it for others, fitness is not the only release for Froese, as she also finds relaxation in painting.

Discovering fitness in 2009 during Primary Care Paramedic schooling, her love of fitness became a significant factor in helping to motivate her to prepare for the RCMP, accomplishing a lifelong dream of being a police officer, becoming part of a healthy balance in her life.

Of note, Froese is not the only female athlete with service in the RCMP. Former women’s hockey player Kristen Marson, a Clarkson Cup champion in 2014 with the Toronto Furies, currently serves as an officer in the region of Nanton, ALberta. Marson, who grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and earned a degree in criminology at Ottawa’s Carleton University is a constable with the RCMP detachment in Nanton, Alberta.

Raised in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Froese is proud of her Prairie Roots. During her nascent years in fitness, Froese found an idol in fellow Prairie girl Samantha Green. Her abilities to excel in competition were a tremendous source of motivation for Froese, as she was pursuing her own dreams in law enforcement. Seeing Green’s success, she wanted to emulate her while also being able to inspire others.

As a side note, Froese may be part of an empowering movement as she is not the only notable fitness model from Saskatchewan. Before relocating to Louisiana where she currently works as a research associate in a university, Ashley Richter competed at Rx Muscle competitions including the 2013 NPC Greater Gulf States and the 2014 NPC Southern Classic. Of note, she held an impressive athletic background, competing with the Vermont Catamounts women’s ice hockey program, along with a promising career as a female tackle football player with the Regina Rage.

Via social media, Froese is establishing a strong network, happily connecting with others and motivating them to pursue their own fitness journeys. Achieving friendship through fitness, she is highly enthusiastic, looking to encourage people to find a way to make it happen. Through it all, the most admirable quality of Froese is her integrity, the ability to truly be real. Such an approach is in place due to her personal foundation of staying true to your own belief system and values. It is part of Froese’s amazing positive image, is something that all can aspire to.

Kathryn Clewley gets creative with inspiring performance in Canada Army Run

As one of the most heartwarming and inspiring events on Ottawa’s sporting calendar, the Canada Army Run features 25,000 proud participants. Showing their support for Canada’s military, the Run also raises money for the Military Families Fund and Solider On program. With Canadians running alongside veterans and current armed forces members, people from all walks of life and athletic backgrounds come together for a great cause.

One such individual also has proud roots to the Canadian national women’s soccer team. Taking into account that Ottawa was one of the host cities for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup of Soccer, it was of great excitement to have former national team member Kathryn Clewley participate.

A former goalkeeper for the Canadian national women’s soccer team, the 36 year-old played for head coaches such as Neil Turnbull and Even Pellerud. Among her career highlights, she appeared in the 1999 Pan American Games, and also recorded a shutout in a contest against Costa Rica.

At this year’s Canada Army Run, Clewley made a memorable impression. Engaging in the rare feat of running backwards in the Army Run’s half marathon, it was an extension of her proud athletic legacy. Of note, she gained the idea after taking her four year-old Schnauzer on her daily run. Upon her pet slowing down, she turned around to safeguard but continued running, doing so in a backwards position.

Since hanging up her soccer shoes, Clewley has become active in the long distance running community. In 2009, she ranked among the top 600 Canadian women in 10K races. Finishing the 117th Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013, it represented a great milestone in her running career.

The chance to engage in her empowering backward half marathon in the Ottawa Army Run only adds to such momentum. Considering that her sister Rachel lives in the city, it was an appropriate location to attempt such a run. With Rachel as her running mate, her presence added to the magic of the effort.

Having built up her endurance by allowing for an extra 15 minutes during the run times of her weekend workouts, Clewley also told Sun Media that was prepared for the weird look she may get from observers. The only look that she deserved was one of admiration.

Although her goal was to become the first Canadian to finish a half marathon backwards in less than 2 hours, there was no feeling of loss on this day, as the humanitarian cause held far greater relevance than the race itself. At an event where racers were running to raise funds for charity and remember family members that may have been wounded or worse during their brave military service, Clewely had a special cause in her heart. Raising money for her area’s YMCA, where she is also employed in the capacity of program director.

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Davidsdottir carries proud distinction of Fittest Woman on Earth

Although Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir managed first place in only one event, she managed a remarkable consistency throughout the grueling series of four-day competitions at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit World Games at the StubHub Centre in Carson, California. There was a strong feeling of redemption for Davidsdottir after a disastrous 2014 when she was unable to qualify for the World Games due to a struggle at the European regional in the legless rope climbs.

Of note, fellow Icelandic competitor Sara Sigmundsdottir was in first place with only two events to go. Throughout the competitition, the two were back and forth among the top of the leaderboard.

Heading onto the fourth and final day, Davidsdottir was 33 points off the lead. Able to finish fifth in the Midline Madness competition (compared to ninth for Sigmunbdsdottir), it built momentum heading into the final event, Pedal to the Metal 2, where Davidsdottir managed the first place finish.

The Midline Madness competition featured competitors sprinting up steps while managing to carry 300 lb weights. Even more grueling was Pedal to the Medal, where pegboard climbs, rowing, cycling and demanding 400 lb kettlebell squats test the mental and physical limits of those brave enough to participate. For her efforts, Davidsdottir (who finished with 790 points) was awarded $275,000, dethroning defending champion Camille Leblanc-Bazinet of Canada.

Along with men’s world champion Ben Smith of the United States, the two visited ESPN’s Sports Centre studio in Los Angeles, performing hand stands in front of the impressed on-air hosts. As a side note, Australian rookie Tia-Clair Toomey finished second overall. Upon the news, the recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award was in tears, inconsolable over coming so close to the pinnacle.

Competing against 39 other women in her third-ever World Games, Davidsdottir was humble in her post-victory interview, declaring that she had not entered the weekend with the goal of winning. Instead, she was just aiming to do her best in every event. Adding to the magic of the victory was the fact that she trained with two-time World Games champion, fellow Icelandic competitor, Annie Thorisdottir.

Hockey hero Jocelyne Larocque adds entrepreneur to growing list of accomplishments

Part of a new generation of women’s hockey stars to come from Manitoba, Jocelyne Larocque is laying down roots in the Greater Toronto Area. Having competed in years past for the WWHL’s Manitoba Maple Leafs and the CWHL’s Team Alberta franchise (later rechristened as the Calgary Inferno), the 2014-15 season saw Jocelyne Larocque head east, acquired by the Brampton Thunder for childhood friend (and teammate on the Canadian National Team) Bailey Bram.

Bestowed the honor of Brampton’s captaincy, an honor shared by the likes of Jayna Hefford, Vicky Sunohara and Tara Gray (who played with Larocque for the 2010 NCAA Frozen Four championship team), Larocque has emerged as a fan favorite. With Brampton in rebuilding mode, her experience and leadership makes her an invaluable member of the roster hoping for championship days to come.

A key sign of Larocque’s commitment to the franchise is the establishment of a new business venture. Adding the title of entrepreneur to a list of accomplishments that includes hockey hero and Winter Games gold medalist, an exciting new venture established in Hamilton, Ontario is defined by her enthusiasm.

Having opened a hockey training facility titled STOKE Strength and Conditioning, Larocque’s entrepreneurial spirit is encouraging, as it proves that women in hockey can engage in rewarding careers off the ice. Taking into account that all women that participate in hockey at the CWHL level have an academic background, they hold the potential to become key leaders in the business world.


Part of Larocque’s focus at STOKE is the objective to build strong, agile and well-conditioned athletes. Designing programs around the team’s goals and abilities, values such as teamwork and communication are cornerstones in helping to develop effective group workouts as well.

Employing the innovative concept of a movement assessment, Larocque and staff begin with providing each athlete from the team with an individual assessment which shall aim to discover the strengths and weaknesses concerning a player’s mobility. This commitment to not fit players into a type of cookie-cutter mold adds value as the key goal is safety and relevance, what Larocque identifies as “a destination of your fitness journey.”

With 65 hours of gym time, STOKE tries to work around the client’s requirements, rather than the reverse. An added bonus is that clients in the Brantford, Cambridge and Hamilton areas can benefit from mobile training, where the gym comes to them.

Taking into account that Larocque has been surrounded by the likes of world-class coaches such as Shannon Miller and Melody Davidson provides her with the fundamentals required to train effectively. As the coordinator for hockey programming, she is dedicated to helping all players and teams elevate their games to even higher levels.

Such aspects that will define one of her team workouts at STOKE includes a group warmup, small group training (based on results identified in the tests), a team workout where speed, strength, agility and other aspects of training shall remain a key focus. This is concluded by emphasizing proper cool down techniques.

Of all the programs offered, one that may develop into their most popular could very well be the College Prep program. A development program open to female players aged 15-18+ that takes place during spring and summer months, there are 51 off-ice strength and conditioning sessions, as well as 24 on-ice sessions.

Beginning with a 15-20 minute meeting with a coach in which goals aimed towards a successful future are discussed, there is also a monthly check-in to monitor progress. Working in two phases, Phase 1 focuses on improving the athlete. Building strength, establishing an aerobic base and anaerobic training are among the building blocks.

Phase 2 is defined by a combination of both on-ice and off-ice sessions. Larocque herself leads the on-ice sessions, with a wealth of skill development on the agenda. Components such as speed, power skating, edge work, agility, puck control, shooting, passing, shot blocking and angling look to create a better, more balanced player, able to adapt at various game situations.

Joined by a group of coaches whose experiences include CIS, NCAA and/or IIHF level hockey, the level of expertise provides the perfect level of understanding of what it means to elevate one’s game. That personal touch is one of the values that Larocque has built her enterprise on, indeed a labor of love. Getting to know what the client needs, while doing so in a safe environment are ingredients that Larocque hopes shall lead to happier and healthier lives.

Multi-sport star Carolyne Prevost earns first place at Granite Games

Since winning the Clarkson Cup with the Toronto Furies in spring 2014, Carolyne Prevost has been on a hot streak. A multi-talented athlete with national titles in taekwon do and soccer, along with a stint on Canada’s national hockey team, she is staking her claim as one of the most accomplished of her generation. Prevost has now taken the plunge into CrossFit competitions.

Her most recent competition provided her with one of the most memorable events in her young career, the career milestone of earning her first-ever finish on top of the standings. Accumulating 65 points in the Women RX Division, she would finish 23 points better than runner-up Tylinn Rashan and 25 points better than third place competitor Taylor Williamson at the 2014 Granite Games in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Image obtained from Facebook

Image obtained from Facebook

The venue certainly brought familiar feelings for Prevost. Having played hockey at the NCAA level with the Wisconsin Badgers (where she won a pair of national titles), the St. Cloud State Huskies were a conference opponent.

Returning as a CrossFit athlete, it has marked a tremendous growth in her athletic endeavors. Earlier this year, Prevost competed in the Eastern Canadian Regionals, which included eventual world champion Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet. Finishing 22nd among the field of competitors, Prevost bounced back with her first-ever podium finish at the Wasaga Beach Invitational in Ontario, Canada.

Heading into the Granite Games, the dedication and perseverance paid off for the ambitious Prevost. In three of the six preliminary events, she enjoyed top four finishes. In the Deadly Ropes, Prevost finished fourth with a time of 00:06:50:00. In the Cleans N Rings competition, Prevost would finish second to Kristen Anderson, who went on to a seventh place final ranking. The Unbroken event resulted in Prevost completing the best time at 00:10:04:00, ranking first. The three other events that Prevost competed in were the Snatch Ladder (23rd), The Run (6th) and the Sprint Relay (16th).

Qualifying for the finals, Prevost was working within a time cap of eight mintues as she engaged in 40 cal rows, 50 alternating pistols, 30 toes to bar and 10 bar muscle up. Despite an eleventh place showing, Prevost was much stronger in the second final. Competing with a four-mintue time cap, Prevost successfully complete 20 cal rows, 3 squat cleans at 165, 2 squat cleans at 175, then 1 squat clean at 185. She would only require an astounding 2 minutes and 25 seconds, finishing second. The only competitor to rank higher than Prevost in the second final was Taylor Williamson with 1:49.

Earning $2,500 for her first place finish in the RX Division (where she underwent a series of qualifiers over three weeks), an added bonus was the chance to meet Lauren Fisher. A member of Team USA at the 2014 Junior World Weightlifting Championship, Fisher placed ninth at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

With her remarkable background in a wide multitude of sports, Prevost has the self-discipline and the mental toughness required to succeed in CrossFit. As she hopes to emulate the achievements of fellow Canadian competitor, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, Prevost is a rising star, continuing to inspire and motivate in any sport that she engages in.

Jillian Michaels reflects on 40th birthday as she graces cover of Shape Magazine

Proudly displaying her amazing physique on the cover of Shape Magazine for the fifth time, Jillian Michaels does so with a philosophical approach. Having recently turned 40, it was a life changing event in the life of one of the most famous trainers in the world.

Facing the reality that the sands of time may begin to shift in another direction, it was a time to take personal inventory. Blessed with a great partner and two children, Michaels certainly has a lot to be thankful for as a new stage in her life begins. Concerning her children, she mentions to Shape that picking them up is also a form of exercise.

Having become a household name through her contributions on the popular television program The Biggest Loser, her life has changed dramatically. Recently, she went throughout North America on the Maximize Your Life Tour and is also working on a fitness line with American retailer Kmart. Stating in the periodical that she is in better shape now than she was in her 20s, boxing, yoga and pull-ups are part of the regiment that she undertakes.

A series of tasteful yet revealing photographs are testament to Michaels’ remarkable condition. Clearly displaying Michaels in a complete state of undress, a flawless appearance is a subject of awe and admiration rather than lustful. Leaving enough to the imagination, it is clear that the best example of Michaels’ commitment to fitness is the appearance of her body.

Various angles show her bare back, perfect abs, which she credits to side, extended and imbalanced planks, along with remarkable arms (which cover her chest) in which her body serves as the canvas to a remarkable work of power and grace. To be able to appear in such photos is nothing short of empowering for Michaels. She believes that good physical condition is important for women as being physically powerful can transcend into every part of one’s life.

Ironically, even Michaels has some slight body issues. One area where she feels such frustration is with her posterior. In sharing her story with Shape, she states that she feel all her weight is carried in the lower body. Regardless of how many squats or lunges that she will attempt, she believes that her bottom simply carries extra weight.

Despite such sentiment, one area that is a point of pride for her is her back. She proudly declares that having a strong back has metaphorical meaning. As a celebrity, a life coach and a role model, she possesses the maturity to know that she needs to set a positive example and provide support for others. Stating that she can carry a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, fans can only hope that there will be 40 more great years to come.

Sierra Scott Steinback is a fit girl that inspires

As the first Saturday in May 2014 represented her first competition in the United States, Sierra Scott Steinback proved to be a rookie sensation. At the Big Sky Championships held in Montana, she earned a pair of top-three finishes.

Of note, she would grab second in the Figure Class competition (her first-ever) while nabbing first in the Bikini Class. Emerging as one of the rising stars among Canadian fitness models, the native of Calgary, Alberta excelled in her moment of truth.

Steinback’s sojourn into figure competitions represented the personal and physical challenges of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Having begun training in the spring of 2013, her first competition provided her with the motivation to work harder and set goals.

The first step can be traced back to 2010 when Steinback made the decision to travel the world over in order to become better acquainted with yoga. Currently, a spin motivator at YYC Cycle Spin, she has praised the advantages of how cycle has helped sculpt her appearance.

Proving hard work pays off; it has also gained the attention of Complete Nutrition-Kalispell, now onboard as a sponsor. Having enjoyed a lifelong love of sport and physical activity (she also dabbled in tackle football), perhaps the greatest reward from her training involves how a healthy body also contributes to a healthy mind and spirit.

Also employing social media as a way of sharing her journey, she is also hoping to motivate. Many of the hash tags and motivational quotes that she has posted can certainly help those in need of a lift to gain a fresh perspective. A personal favorite includes: If you want something you have never had, then you had got to do something you have never done.

While she hopes to continue to reap the rewards of positive change and life a more enriching life, she is certainly a role model for friends and family. Considering the remarkable life changing transformation and the inspiration that she has provided, Steinback is certainly a winner.